I had only known Kevin on social media as being a talented Sacramento-bred visual artist with a heavy background in music videos and video work for bay area rappers (i.e. Sage the Gemini, Nef the Pharaoh). After getting to know Kevin more I realized he had a passion for the automotive scene as well. A few months later in March 2018 I finally met Kevin after he offered to do a mini video shoot of my LS430 (@pureaddict). That video can be found here. I was taken away by his unique perspective and expression in video and decided to see if he would be interested helping capture the official KARMECCA trailer. Without hesitation he showed up on the morning of the shoot and went to work alongside Austin Jones. Kevin’s version of the trailer can be found here.

And now we’re officially post-Karmecca and he’s blessing us with another video. Below you’ll find the silky smooth visuals of KARMECCA by Kevin Norman (@kevfilms).

Kevin brings a different perspective to the show with an eerie yet elegant soundtrack combined with tack-sharp images and a bokeh-filled atmosphere. It really gives viewers a dreamy glimpse to the quality cars that showed. We want to thank Kevin again for helping us and believing in the KARMECCA project. Looking forward to seeing what else Kevin has up his sleeve!