By Philip Isidro

Photography by Philip Isidro

Welcome to the first Karmecca 5AT5 feature!

We will be doing a weekly spotlight on a local driver and their car along with 5 quick questions and their answers posted at 5 o’clock. Often times we see the car, but don’t have any idea who the driver is. Who is the man behind the build? 5AT5 will help bridge that gap while also offering high quality photos for everyone to enjoy.

Driver: Chris Cu, 27

Car: 2014 Infiniti Q50


City: Sacramento, CA

Karmecca: “What is your favorite mod/feature on your car?”

Chris: “My favorite mod would probably have to be my front fenders because they are custom made to fit my wheels to the liking I wanted. The design that I chose was to incorporate things from my old car, my new car, and stuff that wasn’t out.”

Karmecca: “Why did you pick this platform to build?”

Chris: “I picked this platform because it was new at the time and I wanted to have a 4 door VIP car at some point. At the time when I was building it, it was VIP, but towards the end it ended up being a more race-car type of feel.”

Karmecca: “Which builds have inspired you?”

Chris: “Probably friends from the east coast. Drew Evans with his Liberty Walk 4-door G37. It’s just in and out a great car and built with attention to detail. It’s just stuff I want to try and do with my car.”

Karmecca: “What are your thoughts about the car scene?”

Chris: “It’s become a lot different than when I started. It’s more social media based; more likes, more followers, the “better” you are. People sort of lost interest in building cars for yourself, rather than wanting to build for likes and comments.”

Well said, Chris! Thanks for being the first of many features!