By Philip Isidro

Photography by Philip Isidro

Week 3 is upon us and that means we’re closer to this year’s KARMECCA celebration of builds on May 26th! This week we have a chance to look at Moe’s pristine E36 M3. The E36 platform was an extremely iconic car while growing up in the 90’s. Today, it’s refreshing to see that even the younger generation is drawn to this chassis.

Driver: Moe Plomteaux, 21

Car: 1995 BMW M3

Crew: Cambergang

City: Sacramento, CA

Karmecca: How long have you been building your car?

Moe: “I got the car back in November so it’s basically been 4 months now.”

Karmecca: How did you get the car?

Moe: “Dude goes, “yeah I just painted the car, and I just tried to fix the oil leak, but the oil came back. It’s just kind of pissin me off, I’ll let it go right now. It’s posted for $11,000, you can have it for $9500.” I came back the next day, looked at the car, and I go “I’ll give you $6000.” And he texted me at work the next day and he’s like “I’ll do $6500.” I literally didn’t go to school the next day and just went and picked up the car.”

Karmecca: What’s your favorite mod or feature on your car?

Moe: “Definitely the polished TE37’s. I love TE37’s -I’ve had them on my last two cars. And [the wheels] actually came in red so I actually got them done by DipSh*t and it came out beautiful. I’m pretty deep into the wheels, but they’re probably my favorite wheels; I’ll sell the car before I sell the wheels.”

Karmecca: What are your thoughts on the Sacramento car scene?

Moe: “Honestly it’s pretty cool because from where I’m at in Roseville you get all the people from there, my homies coming down from Auburn, and in Sac with StanceSeries they got some pretty cool stuff going on. The meets are always cool, the vibes are cool, there’s not much beef with anyone around here. It’s really cool, the turnouts are good so I like it.”

Karmecca: How would you like to improve the car scene in Sacramento?

Moe: “I mean honestly I think it’s pretty cool with all the meets that are going on. Usually there’s a meet every week. Maybe just with all the burnouts and revving at the shows, I mean it’s all cool, but there’s a time and place for that. With all the cops cracking down on the exhaust laws and everything going on right now I think it’s probably best if we leave that to more isolated areas instead of doing it around the city where all the cops are at. Especially in Roseville with the Sonic thing that happened 2 years ago, I think it’s best if people just leave the revving and loud exhaust and everything out.”