By Philip Isidro

Photography by Anit Lal

Welcome to the 4th week of 5AT5! Join us as we pick Bradford’s brain and see what he thinks about the Sacramento car scene and more. When talks of “modding” arise you don’t usually hear “Accord” in the same mix, but Bradford is out here to prove everyone wrong with his sharp and tastefully done build. His Accord is the perfect example of “execution gone right.”

Driver: Bradford Hom, 26

Car: 2005 Honda Accord


City: Sacramento, CA

Instagram: @brad4rd

Karmecca: How long have you been building your car?

Bradford: “This car is actually my first car. I learned how to drive with this car and even used this car for my drivers test. But I would say I have been building this car since 2012. From when I was on lowering springs, to coilovers with XXR’s, to bags and wheels.”

Karmecca: What’s your favorite mod or feature on your car?

Bradford: “My favorite mod on my car would have to be my flares that I had Kimxon over at UlteriorMotives make. Many of my friends would know that I kept saying I will never cut up my car blah blah blah. But after talking to Kimxon and bouncing some ideas around he made my vision into a reality and I could not be any happier with the results.”

Karmecca: What’s your favorite build out there?

Bradford: “My favorite build out there would be Nat’s LS460.”

Karmecca: What’s your dream build?

Bradford: “I have way too many dream builds but probably my top dream build would be a ’63 split window [Chevy] Corvette.”

Karmecca: What are your thoughts on the Sacramento car scene?

Bradford: “My thoughts on the Sacramento car scene is that it is if often overlooked. People might not know this but there are some quality built cars in Sac that go to shows. But I have a feeling Sacramento will be on the map soon with Karmecca shows being hosted here -it will draw more car enthusiasts to Sac and bring out more car enthusiasts in Sac.”