By Philip Isidro

Photography by Kevin Arechiga

Since we are on week 5 of “5AT5” does that make it 5AT5AT5? Anyway, let’s welcome in Jermhel (@f32_4forty) and his lovely 2017 BMW 440i for this weeks feature! Head on over to on for his deepest, darkest, thoughts about our car scene…

Driver: Jermhel Montero, 27

Car: 2017 BMW 440i

Crew: AutoVault

City: Sacramento, CA

Instagram: @f32_4forty

Karmecca: What’s your favorite mod or feature on your car?

Jermhel: “My favorite mod on the car would be my Xenon Headlights by BayOptiks. The headlights make the front end a lot more aggressive.”

Karmecca: What’s your dream build?

Jermhel: “My dream build would be a LibertyWalk R35 GTR.”

Karmecca: What’s your favorite build out there?

Jermhel: “My favorite build out right now would be @pterodactyltactic’s Lamborghini Huracan and Danny Pak’s Ferrari 458 GT3.”

Karmecca: What are your thoughts on the Sacramento car scene?

Jermhel: “I think the Sacramento car scene is great but I think it can be a lot better. There’s always that one person who decides to burn out or rev their car and ruin the meet for everyone. If the meets are respected, it’s a great time.”

Karmecca: How would you like to improve the car scene in Sacramento?

Jermhel: “I would like to improve the car scene by working in partnership with local police departments and local business owners in order to regulate organized car meets. It’s not fair for car enthusiasts who actually respect car meets suffer the consequences of someone else’s actions.”