By Philip Isidro

Photography by Philip Isidro

It is now April and we are a little over a month away from this year’s KARMECCA “Celebration of Builds.” For week 6 of 5AT5 we wanted to highlight Josh Hawkin’s C5 Corvette/Jeep go kart simply named “Jette.” But mind you there is nothing “simple” about this build. Seeing this thing in person really just brings out the inner child in you; at first glance you can already imagine the sound, the fumes, the ear to ear grins, the grit and smoke, the screeching, and not to mention, the heavy, deep, sinister, maniacal laughing. *Snaps out of it* OK, anyway, now on to Joshua and his beastly build!

Driver: Joshua Hawkins, 41

Car: 2001 C5 Z06 Jeep Corvette “Jette”

Club/Associations: SCCA member – Sacramento Chapter, OnGrid instructor, full-time EVOC driving instructor for the CHP.

City: Sacramento, CA

Instagram: @j.hawkins

Mean muggin’.

Karmecca: What compelled you to build this thing?!

Josh: “I can’t take credit for the original build -that honor goes to a madman from Texas. However, I’ve contributed my fair share of rad modifications since taking ownership…and there’s definitely more awesomeness to come.”

Ready for take off.

Karmecca: What are your end goals for this build?

Josh: “Looking forward to many track days and autocross events. Goal is a competitive car that inspires creativity in the next generation of motorsport enthusiasts. I’m also aiming for this car to be street legal, so my kids can enjoy the occasional cruise to cars & coffee.”

Jeep panels and details.

Karmecca: What’s your dream build?

Josh: “Oh man, so many cars I’d love to build. My dream build would probably have to be a Lamborghini Miura body (similar to Lamborghini Miura concept car) with an R34 or 35 drivetrain.”

Awakening the beast.

Karmecca: Whose build(s) inspires you?

Josh: “Ringbrothers ADRNLN, new Singer 911 (dynamics & lightweight study), Ferrari P80/C, GT 240Z built by Jay’s Hotrods, and numerous others.”

Waiting for the next track day.

Karmecca: What are your thoughts on the Sacramento car scene?

Josh: “I’ve been involved locally since 1996 and feel fortunate to have met and collaborated with so many car enthusiasts from all walks of life. The Sacramento car scene is a tighter knit community than most people know. Support of friends and acquaintances has enabled me to build some pretty cool cars along the way too.”

Bonus photo: “Jette’s” last track day at Thunderhill. Bye bye LS6, hello LS3!
Photo by Cody Wilbur of Aries Photography.