By Philip Isidro

Photography by Philip Isidro

Another week, another 5AT5 feature. This time the spotlight lands on Sawyer @dc5_sawyer’s S13. This particular build has been a fan favorite in the community with its Japanese inspired livery and overall raw “DGAF” attitude. I was excited to shoot this particular build as the sounds, gas fumes, and tire sparks brought me back to my drifting days many moons ago. We’re glad to see that drifting is still strong and relevant 16 years later. Thank you, Sawyer, for your time and for keeping true to the inherently rebellious culture of drifting.

Driver: Sawyer Seward, 29

Car: 1992 Nissan 240sx


City: Sacramento, CA

Instagram: @dc5_sawyer

Karmecca: How long have you been in the drift scene?

Sawyer: “I’ve been in the drift scene for about 2 years now still have a lot to learn.”

Karmecca: What’s your favorite mod or feature on your car?

Sawyer: “Favorite mod would have to say my wheels: Work VSXX custom built chrome faces polished lips and gold hardware.”

Karmecca: What’s your favorite build out there?

Sawyer: “Don’t really have a favorite build there are so many awesome builds out there, hard to narrow it down to one car.”

Karmecca: What’s your dream build?

Sawyer: “My dream build would be an R34 Skyline GTR.”

Karmecca: What are your thoughts on the Sacramento car scene?

Sawyer: “The Sacramento car scene is wild. A lot of different cars and people, some good, some bad, but I enjoy it!”